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GUI issues using R2015a with wxGTK3 on Linux


    • Type: Bug
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    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: R2017a, R2018A
    • Fix Version/s: Someday
    • Component/s: GUI
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      CentOS 7; wxWidgets 3.0.2. GTK3 screenshot from CentOS-provided wxWidgets package; GTK2 screenshot from manually-built wxWidgets.


      When using R2015a on Linux, some GUI components appear broken when wxWidgets is configured for wxGTK3. In particular, it seems that many wxStaticBoxSizers fail to show their contents. The problem is not apparent when using a wxWidgets library configured for wxGTK (i.e. GTK 2).

      I believe this is related to how the contents of a wxStaticBoxSizer are parented. There seems to have been a change in convention with wxWidgets 3.0; the contents of a StaticBox should now be its children rather than its siblings. I tried a few spot-fixes in this regard; making such a change seems to fix the problem. To implement this appropriately would require these changes in many places, however.

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