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Ephemeris files sometimes miss last data line in a chunk before a new event



      I will add more information later today.

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            gmatloj Linda Jun logged work - 02/Apr/13 10:43 PM
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            gmatloj Linda Jun logged work - 03/Apr/13 10:34 PM
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            gmatloj Linda Jun logged work - 04/Apr/13 4:32 PM
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              Changed not to write comments other than events.
              Changed to ignore end of block flag and continue until end of run flag is received. So there will be no unnecessary data blocks written out to ephemeris file.
              Fix should be in 2013-04-04 build.

            djcinsb Darrel Conway logged work - 08/Apr/13 9:12 PM
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              4 hours

              This looked like an issue when the interpolator was restarted for a change in maneuvering state. I added a flag so that a maneuver state change forces a write of the initial trajectory point, and the reported issue looks like it is fixed. The committed tests scripts all run successfully as well. This change would benefit from some additional checks made by a user playing with written ephem files – both CCSDS and SPICE based – to be sure that I haven't introduced some unwanted feature.

              In other words, it looks good to me, but I might not know what to look for!

            gmatloj Linda Jun logged work - 17/Apr/13 10:18 PM
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              7 hours

              Fixed to finish up writing when propagator changes. Correctly set the first time writing flag for SPICE file so that data can be written continuously.


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