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Parameter design for multiple dependency


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      This is follow up bug of 977.

      Steve wrote:

      Currently, there is no way to view data associated with a thruster
      via the GUI, and probably not via the script either.

      This issue presents us with two problems. The first is how to update the GUI,
      which I think is relatively easy. The second, is how to treat the script, and
      more importantly, how parameter dependencies are handled. Here is an example
      of how we may allow a user to access thruster data

      Report MyReport MySpacecraft.Thruster1.ScaleFactor

      What we've done here, is created a new type of dependency though, what I would
      call a hardware dependency. If there is a parameter of a Thruster that is then
      Coordinate System or Central Body dependent, the current syntax won't work.

      So before we can address this, we have to determine if we should support a
      syntax where there are multiple dependencies, like this:

      Report MyReport MySpacecraft.Thruster1.EarthMJ2000Eq.X

      Linda, do you think the current design would support this? How big is the job
      to modify the parameter code to support this? Once we have these questions
      answered we can move forward to the next step.

      Linda wrote:

      There needs to be some design change.
      The current Parameter design supports only one dependency input,
      no dependency, origin dependent, coordinate system dependent.

      I think we can add one more dependency type, such as related object or owned

      So for MySpacecraft.Thruster1.ScaleFactor, ScaleFactor will have owned object
      of thruster and no dependency.

      It will be helpful if you can come up with list of parameter types that
      can have owned objects. The parameter types must be unique, since each
      parameter type is implemented as individual class.

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